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Annual Vukani! Fashion Awards Goals


The aim of the Annual Vukani! Fashion Awards is to:


  •        Stimulate the creation of innovative garments that reflect the cultures of South Africa
  •        Stimulate competition among designers in South Africa.
  •        Expose promising and accomplished designers to fashion buyers and consumers, locally and internationally.
  •        Promote the work of promising and accomplished designers at exhibitions locally and internationally.
  •        Provide education, training and career opportunities for promising designers in South Africa.


Key objectives


  •         Market start-up young clothing designers through Fashion awards.
  •         Expose existing emerging clothing designers through a National and Regional Fashion Shows.
  •         Promote indigenous and afro-centric look through role models through an African (continent) Pride Award.
  •         Information dissemination on market opportunities, access to finance and business development support services through seminars and workshops.
  •         In Partnership with key stakeholders support and develop youth fashion designers.
  •         Promote and Establish Annual Vukani! Fashion Awards as a world class support mechanism for youth fashion designers.

Expected Impact


  •         Increased market access for youth clothing designers.
  •         Business growth for existing youth designers contributing to employment creation.

Increased awareness and support for local designs contributing positively to the local clothing and textile industry.

In Vukani, there is a true commitment to ensuring that designers from all walks of life in South Africa, access the opportunity to develop and market their skills through a platform that would ordinarily not be available for emerging and young fashion entrepreneurs.
Equally, for Old Mutual, this sponsorship demonstrates our commitment and investment in supporting the future of South Africa and its products.


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