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March, 2015

March, 2015

Dear Applicant




SAFDA proudly invites designers from across South Africa to submit their design applications for the 21st Annual Vukani! Fashion Awards 2015. 




This year, an epic pan- African storyline inspires this prophetic call for entries. Designers must delve deep into their imaginations to create flow within their collections, arouse connection with the audience and have their designs emanate distinction in order to holistically embody the subject matter. Africa is the cradle of all humanity, and as such her stories gave birth to cultural heroes whose ancient wisdom and awe- inspiring powers became the noble virtues and traditions of her people.


In homage and celebration of the richness of African culture and creativity, we present these modern incarnations of legends of folklore from across the continent: Africa’s own superheroes, the “Enlightened Ones”. Rooted in our collective subconscious, lying dormant for centuries, these “Guardians of uBuntu” explode from their gestation deep within the earth to evoke memories of ancient glory, and inspire magnificence in Africa’s people once more.


Your task for the 21st Annual Vukani Fashion Awards 2015, is to infuse a sense of the regal in your entries: of the power and grace with which these elemental deities were bestowed, and interpret the storyline and characters, god- like attributes thereof, or their inspiration of the character of Africa’s preeminent leaders, for the audience and judges. A distinctly African personality and a modern global energy must converge in sublime harmony, an offering worthy of the gods.


As always, uniqueness and technical excellence are the hallmarks of this prestigious competition and will determine your acceptance into the contest. The business of fashion, at home and abroad, remains a constant call for innovation and sustainability. An understanding of the intrinsic role of heritage, and the ability to reconcile this constant with ever- evolving trends, separates industry stalwarts from fashion hangers- on. Which one are you?



The closing date for receipt of entries: FRIDAY 26 June 2015. 




The designs should reflect the African cultural heroes theme as well as be of calibre to successfully compete on an international design stage. 




(1) Should have a youthful yet refined energy;

(2) Should draw inspiration from both traditional and contemporary influences symbolic of a new Pan- African outlook; 

(3) Should reflect a reawakening of South African/ African consciousness to better reflect who we truly are; 


(4) Should be daring and innovative in construction and colour.




(1) Design a Seven – garment collection for the spring/summer 2015 season that encapsulates your signature design style; 

(2)  A range of menswear or ladies wear, or a combination of both, can be submitted.







Your sketches must be presented in full colour, and on storyboards A3 in size. Your story board must include:


(1) Technical drawings of both the front and the back of each garment;

(2) Final fabric swatches that will be used; and

(3) A motivation or description of the collection.



No substitutes will be accepted.

All sketches entered will not be returned by post. However, arrangements can be made to personally collect them from the organizers.

Accuracy to your storyboard submission will be taken into consideration by the judges.





The competition is open to young individuals between the ages of 17 – 35 years, who are:


(1) Second or Final year students;

(2) Post graduate students; and 

(3) Up-and -coming designers


Competition conditions


Only the highest quality and finishes will be accepted on the garments of the finalists.

Should a garment fall short of the required standard, the garment will be eliminated from the competition at the judge’s discretion.

All entrants must be available for the final awards ceremony, if chosen as one of the 15 finalists. 

An agreement with SAFDA and Vukani Range Creations will be entered into if you are selected as one of the finalists.

If you are selected as one of the finalists, you will be required to produce the collection in standard model size. 

You will be required to produce Seven outfits, which will be judged on the following categories: 

Best interpretation of Leadership Theme (one garment)

Best High Fashion Design “Guardians of uBuntu” Costume (Two garments)

Best Collection: “Elemental Deities” /Ready to wear (overall Winner) Four garments











Entries Submissions


Please send a completed entry form with your storyboard for the initial judging, to reach the offices of Vukani! Fashion Awards by no later than 26 June 2015. 



Addressed to:







Yours Faithfully,








Executive Project Producer and Founder: Annual Vukani! Fashion Awards 



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